Online Dog Training

Tennille has put her training techniques and formulas into some easy to watch videos so you are able to train your dog from wherever you are!

Take you and your dog's relationship to the next level

Purchase our online training now and start putting you and your dog on the same team today.

This 45 minute training course makes training a recall super easy and fun using easy techniques and games that will allow you have your dog coming when called in a matter of days.  This course is easy to work through and includes how to train in new locations including the beach.

Advanced Recall Training Coming Soon
Advanced Recall Training Coming Soon

Take your recall even further.  In this course we build on what we learnt in the rapid recall and take your recall to the next level.  Add in greater distance, speed and reliability along with how to use a whistle and even more techniques to create a rocket recall.

How to resolve destructive behaviors - Coming Soon
How to resolve destructive behaviors

Coming Soon

Dog training in Tauranga

Do you want dog training using the most modern and up to date scientifically proven techniques?

Do you want to train your dog using pain free techniques that ensure your dog is enjoying his training experience?

Do you want to have an understanding as to why your dog does what he does?

No more stress when taking your dog into public places.


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